The Jstd Library

This is the Jstd Library! It is an open source project with the goal to create a massive c++ library of functions. This library will have functions for everything. This library is unique in its use of function synonyms. The overall goal of the Jstd is to prevent yak shaving.

Latest News

2013-12-16 18:15:01

Kool news article blah blah blah

-Prof Z

2013-12-05 03:41:59

Oh damn, I cant remove posts can I? I wrote something real nice, but accidentally had single quotes from all the contractions. Anyway, Ill just summarize: plenty of new stuff coming for 2014. Have a good holiday everyone, and well see you then.

-Trevor Hickey

2013-12-05 03:38:38


-Trevor Hickey

2013-11-23 00:59:41

made some changes. testing this post.

-Joshua Genis

2013-11-22 19:00:48

Hello! As you can see there is a lot of junk news stories. This is a result of testing the new posting system. The system will no longer allow empty posts without an author. Yay! However, I am going to keep those post as well as this once while I work on the format of the Latest News section. Once I am finished with that I will remove the empty posts along with this one. Remember, use the jstd and code smart.

-Joshua Genis

2013-11-22 18:42:18

test 3

-Joshua Genis

2013-11-22 18:36:51



2013-11-22 18:35:14


2013-11-22 18:34:38